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Who are WRS Alarms


Who are W.R.S. Alarms  

After working several years for a large Aerospace Company, and getting sent all over the world, looking after faulty Military Aircraft electronic problems, I became unhappy with having to  travel thousands of miles every year, at the drop of a hat,  it was no longer fun, fix it move on,fix it move on  profit  profit  profit ,the Companies policy

In December 1981 I broke all ties with that company and founded my own Company,  WRS Electronic Devices in January 1982

Looking back at that time, it all seemed a massive gamble, but as I remember it was a lot simpler than I had anticipated, my potential customers had simple needs, and I agreed with them,  when they wanted to invest in              Electronic Security

Equipment for their Homes and Business they wanted.

1.                  Good reliable Equipment that meet their requirement

2.                  The Staff Trained to use it and to get the best from it

3.                  Someone to speak to when there was a problem

4.                  Quick and reliable response in the case of a fault                                          

That simple set of requirements is still our philosophy today, make sure we listen to Customer needs, make sure we supply what they want, and when there is a problem always be available.

We changed our name to W.R.S. Alarms in August 1992. as we seemed to be dealing with more and more Fire, and Intruder Alarms,  but still continued to supply and fit C.C.T.V. Systems, Automatic Gates, and service Electronic Equipment,

 in fact the only change was the name.

As more and more eastern manufactures pour there cheap Security Equipment

Into the U.K. and Europe we are giving more and more advice to our Customers

Tread really carefully,  " Beware your not sure "

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Honesty will always be our best policy 33 years in the Security Industry speaks for itself,  if you need Security Equipment, if you feel lost or in need of honest advice,

It is  simple, pick up the telephone and talk to us